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Hey, I'm Tyler!

A Front-End Web Developer

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Who Am I?

I am a front-end web developer, building unique and elegant websites with a focus in accessibility. I seek out problems in accessibility and efficient structure to provide sites that are fast, reliable and usable, while letting the personality of the business shine. I am curious about design and learning UX/UI fundamentals to help build better code.

Know My Tools

  • Web Accessibility

    Attention to detail with the use of the NVDA screen reader to test interactions with web pages and components. This is essential for universal usuability and design.

  • Quick Building With React

    With my fundamental knowledge of React and the Gatsby framework, they can provide high usability to your complex project.

  • Or Maybe You Prefer Vue?

    Vue can provide you a lighter load for a smaller application.
    (This very site is built in NuxtJS!)

  • Preprocessing with SASS

    This matters in making stylesheet creation programmatic . . . Which means fast building and scaling of the design!

  • CSS Frameworks

    Knowledge with Bootstrap, TailwindCSS and ChakraUI to provide quick UI layouts and Utility styling.
    (This site implements TailwindCSS)

  • Don't Forget the Basics!

    Proficient in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Simple.

  • Code Review

    It's just as important to keep attention to detail on a team to ensure everyone succeeds!

See My Works