Hi, I'm Tyler!

UI / UX Developer

Passionate about all things accessibility, user experience, and UI design to code.

Curious about typography and why building emails is so dang difficult!

Projects & Contributions
  • @t_pfledderer
  • @tylerapfledderer
  • in/tyler-pfledderer

What am I up to?

I make sites beautiful and useable

I have focus in bringing designs to life in code, and finding ways to further improve the user experience. I am currently a collaborator with Chakra UI, helping to improve a low-level design system component library that focuses on A11y for React and Vue. Open source is my jam! 🤘

Where did I come from?

I am a classically-trained musician of over 15 years 🎺 striving for a career change into web development. My skills in music involve critically-thinking, problem solving, and adaptability which provide a high-quality transposition into gaining speed on a project or a team, in any stack that is required. Supply the tools and I will adapt!

Skills Learned Along My Journey

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • SASS
  • Bootstrap
  • VueJS
  • ReactJS
  • GatsbyJS
  • TailwindCSS
  • Chakra UI
  • NextJS

Projects & Contributions

  • Chakra UI


    Since May of 2022, I have served as an external Collaborator for an organization of the same name whose primary package is a UI component library original built for React.

    Contributions consisted of various tasks to improve the Chakra docsite content and underlying scripts, building of a package version for Vue 3, building Vue components for the new Ark UI headless component library, and adding components to the Chakra Pro site.

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    Power Contributor

    I became a primary contributor to in September 2022, helping them migrate their UI from Styled Components to Chakra UI. I worked as a liaison between the core teams, migrating components, reviewing PRs, auditing migrations and accessibility, and integrating StorybookJS into their workflow for the new Design System.

    I had frequent communication with the lead developer, designer, and the rest of the team, which helped ensure the site's aesthetics and usability met expectations. I was also honored to receive an Impact Gift from the Ethereum Foundation as recognition for my contributions.

Reach Out!

I am actively seeking employment opportunities and would be delighted to discuss further. Feel free to reach out to me below, and I'd be thrilled to contribute my skills to your team or assist in bringing your project to fruition!