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Learning involves a cumulation of knowledge. See below my projects using fundamental code, or use of frameworks and libraries like ReactJS and Bootstrap.

  • CloudFlare Login Screen

    A responsive login screen built in HTML. Heavy emphasis with SASS including robust mixins such as 'flexy' to apply all the needed Flexbox properties with backward-compatible prefixes.

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  • Gatsby

    Coffeeroasters Subscription Site

    A design-to-code 3-page subscription site, showcasing an interactive form to present subscription options. Chakra UI is used for reusable Styled components that are accessible first, and TypeScript for strict type-checking state and all static querying from GraphQL.

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  • Desktop Weather App

    A desktop-only app built in React. Uses the Context API to pass data between each route. Includes the use of the Geolocation and Big Data Cloud Reverse Geo APIs, and the OneCall OpenWeather API to get all data necessary for hourly and daily forecasts. Custom hooks are used to retrieve the Geolocation and format the forecast data for better visual display.

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  • Random Employee Directory with Modal

    Using vanilla JavaScript and the RandomUser API to display a grid of 'employees' with a search filter by name. Employs a modal for additional information and can cycle between each employee based on the search filter input.

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  • Phrase Guessing Game

    A desktop-based hangman-style game. This project was used to build in 4 different JavaScript versions: Vanilla, Classes, Vue, and React. The Vue version implements Vuex store to pass state for letters selected and displayed on the random phrase (if correct) and the ability to do a full reset after the end of a game.

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